Box Tops for Education

Download the BTFE app and scan those receipts!

The next submission date is in October 2019 if you still have the actual Box Tops in your pantry!

Have you seen those tiny Box Tops on your cereal box or elsewhere in your pantry? These little labels add up fast for our school! Please clip and save them, and twice a year we have a collection drive. Students can even ask their family members to save them! Each Box Top is worth $0.10, and a sheet of 50 earns Templeton $5.00. It's quick and easy!

Stay tuned around October and February for collection drives! You can also turn them into the front office at any time in the giant pop up soup can. Please put your child's teacher's name on the bag/sheet, so that *if* there is a collection contest, your student's class will get credit!

To print a Box Tops collection sheet for either 10, 25 or 50 count, please visit: Collection sheets

Box Tops are available on dozens of products around the home! For a complete product list, visit: Participating products